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Welcome to East Tennessee Skywarn! We hope that you will take a moment to navigate the website and check out all the great new features.  We are constantly continuing to grow the website and hope to one day serve every district in the MRX area. If you have any suggestions please submit a report by logging in and clicking here.


East Tennessee Skywarn Team

Mission Statement

East Tennessee SKYWARN exists to provide communication services for the collection of severe weather reports and dissemination of critical weather information in support of the National Weather Service and their mission to protect life and property by improving warning accuracy.

Get Involved

Requirements for being a Skywarn Severe Weather Spotter

  1. Taking Official NWS Training is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    • Skywarn Classes are always FREE. There are 2 ways to get certified.
      • NWS In-Person Class Schedule can be found by Clicking Here
        • In-Person Classes usually last 3 hours. (Breaks are provided)
      • Online Skywarn Classes are provided by UCAR through the MetED program which you can find by Clicking Here
        • Completion will be sent to the National Weather Service in your area and your credentials will be E-mailed to you.
  2. Participate


Off Air

The National Weather Service may not be on air due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please check your local district's status.

District 5

Net Status

District 5 Skywarn airs on the 146.940MHz (Tone 118.8Hz) repeater on Greentop (Bluff) Mountain. In the event the repeater is not on the air, the backup frequency is the 146.625 (Tone 118.8Hz) repeater on Chilhowee Mountain.

Currently Overcast

Knoxville, Tennessee


NNW at 10.5 MPH

gusts of 7.6 MPH


28.9 °F and 75% humidity

Feels like 22.5 °F


30.35 Inches

1028 Millibars

Air Quality