About District 5

Greg Williams


District 5

Skywarn Coordinator

Since 2018

Greg has been licensed since 1993 (original callsign KE4HSM) and involved with SKYWARN since 1995 as a Net Control Station. He became Assistant Coordinator in 2011, assisting alongside Jason Roach (KF4VDX, SK) and Chuck Angel (K4KKH, SK) before becoming the D5 Coordinator in 2018. He lives in Knoxville and is married to Jessie (K4RLJ) and has two daughters currently attending the University of Tennessee.

Email: k4hsm@etskywarn.com

Josh Marler


District 5

Assistant Skywarn Coordinator

Since 2018

Josh has been a Ham Radio Operator since January of 2010 and a General class operator since May 1, 2010. His interest in weather began when an EF-3 Tornado carved a path of destruction through his hometown of Lenoir City, TN in February of 1993, when he was just 4 years old.  Just a couple of weeks later, the infamous "Blizzard of '93" dumped 15" of snow. His passion for weather was well established because of those events. He has been involved in Skywarn since 2004, even before he became a licensed Amateur and is Assistant District Coordinator for District 5 East Tennessee Skywarn where he serves as a net control station. Professionally, Josh works as a Director, Master Control and in Production at the NBC Affiliate in Knoxville, Tn, WBIR-TV. Josh has been married to Whitney since June 2014. Together they have 1 Daughter, Charlotte, born June 2016. Their family also fosters children.

Email: WX4KXT@ETSkywarn.com

Brandon Monroe


District 5

Assistant Skywarn Coordinator

Since 2018

Brandon's interest in Skywarn began at the age of 14. At age 17 Brandon became a certified spotter and Amateur Radio Technician. During his childhood a severe thunderstorm caused a roof to collapse on his home and specifically his bedroom. The majority of the damage was from water and the debris was stopped by a pop-up tent, in the shape of a car, that covered his bed. What was first fear became a bit of an obsession. Brandon also began working at RadioShack specializing in Motorola Fleet mapping for the then new 800MHz system, citizen owned weather stations, and computer sales as PC’s became a commodity. Brandon was moved into a NCS role a few years later and was selected by the MRX's board of ECs to be the EC for District 7 until 2007. Brandon has held several roles in emergency services including 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Emergency Medical Pre-Arrival Instructor, Advanced HAZMAT response coordination, and WINGS Air Rescue Response. Brandon also served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff of Sullivan County for several years, where he completed special operations including Initial Contact Hostage Negotiations, and as an officer on the Felony Search and Warrant Service Team. In 2008, Brandon relocated to Knoxville after accepting a role investigating federal grant crimes. He is now a District 5 ADC and continues to serve our community.

Email: KG4QWI@ETSkywarn.com

District 5

East Tennessee SKYWARN is an amateur radio weather spotting net currently active during severe weather situations and airs on the 146.940 MHz WB4GBI repeater on Greentop (Bluff) Mountain, owned and operated by Tim Berry, WB4GBI.

In the event the repeater is not on the air, the backup frequency is the 146.625 WB4GBI repeater on Chilhowee Mountain, also owned and operated by Tim Berry. We thank Tim for the use of his repeaters in order to provide East Tennessee SKYWARN.

Officially, the net is operated for District 5 in East Tennessee, covering Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Knox, Loudon, and Union counties. However, the footprint of the 146.940 repeater (as well as its location) allows for complete coverage of not only all of the district 5 counties, but several counties in many other districts. There is even coverage outside of the County Warning Area (CWA).

Because of the wide coverage of these repeaters, East Tennessee SKYWARN accepts check-ins from any licensed amateur radio operator, anywhere within the footprint of the repeater. Our purpose is to relay the information to the National Weather Service (NWS) no matter the location.

East Tennessee SKYWARN is not a club, organization, or incorporated entity. Our only governing body is the NWS and they are the agency to which we report.

East Tennessee SKYWARN has participation from many hams across much of the Middle East Tennessee Region. Several media outlets monitor our nets for weather reporting, and we take great pride in being a reliable source for not only the NWS but also for the local media.

The Coordinator for District 5 is Greg Williams, K4HSM, who serves as a Net Control Station (NCS) for East Tennessee SKYWARN. Assistant Coordinator is Josh Marler, WX4KXT, and Brandon Monroe, KG4QWI, also NCS’s for East Tennessee SKYWARN. We have had some backup NCS stations assist with the net but we are looking for more volunteers to assist in the SKYWARN nets. If you are interested in being an NCS for East Tennessee SKYWARN, please e-mail Greg with your information.

This site is dedicated to Charles Angel, K4KKH, Jason Roach, KF4VDX and Tom Ogle, KE4WFJ, now SK. They dedicated many hours to SKYWARN and the community and we continue their efforts to provide our best to the National Weather Service and all of East Tennessee during times of severe weather.